You wonder sometimes at the direction of the world. Perhaps you sometimes find yourself scratching your head over the direction your life has taken. You’re wise and experienced enough to know that life has great joys and positive events, yet you also know too well that there are times when it simply hurts; doesn’t make sense. Maybe you have a young family. You worry very much-for good reason-about your children; what will they find out in the world, who will they become? You’re also busy; too busy to spend time sitting around while some young pastor stands up and regales you with stories about his children or the last wonderful vacation he took. You trade your precious time for everything you do; it’s valuable. Too valuable in fact to come to church to hear a pastor who seems to wish he was a stand-up comic.

Life is too serious for that; you’re too serious for that. You’re not into bait-and-switch or plastic smiles. You’ve had enough of broken and overblown promises that go unfulfilled. You don’t appreciate being expected to squeeze into some mold of how to dress, what kind of things to laugh at, or how to bubble over with rivers of emotionalism. We believe that faith in Christ is not a hand-me-down possession; it must be first-hand, best held in the hands of those whose faith has been tested in the real world.

Perhaps we've described you pretty closely. If so, it’s only because we’ve described ourselves. If this description hits close to home, we invite you to consider visiting us here and perhaps joining us on our exciting journey.

Some things you might want to know about us: We are a young congregation, having embarked on an exciting new mission here in Eagle Crest. As Grace has developed, it has been perfectly obvious that God has planted us here and has put everything together , piece by piece, in a stunningly miraculous way. There is no claim here to be glitzy, flashy, cutting-edge or thrilling. God’s Word is taught here straightforwardly without dressing it up or watering it down. One church’s website describes their contemporary worship as, “the most electrifying you’ll find anywhere.” Well, we’re not looking to electrocute anyone. You’ll find us simply about gathering around Christ Jesus, the only Son of God, crucified and risen for our forgiveness and eternal life. We seek to grow in His Word and faith and raise our children in the care and nurturing of the Lord. We seek this diligently and intently, as it’s not always a friendly world out there - especially for our children. We have Sunday Bible classes and mid-week classes for our youth towards this purpose.

At Grace Lutheran Church, you can be assured of a few things. First, you will never hear a sermon on money. You will never hear a sermon or a series on “Christian stewardship.” There’ll be no moralistic lectures. Frankly, we are here to be made ready to meet God and enter into His kingdom; that is enough. Also, you will never be looked down upon if your work occasionally gets in the way of the time you can spend on church. Further, while most Christians do tend to be socially and politically conservative, you will never be required or expected to be. We’re about Christ and His gifts, straight up.

Please enjoy the most excellent music of the videos prepared by Eric Pazdziora. While we and Eric have somewhat differing confessions of the Christian faith, we share the love of Christ given to us by in Christ. Please check out his link and our other friends too. You can learn more about us as well as some basics of the Christian faith by exploring our topical links as well. Much of what has been offered here is expanded in some more detail in the topical pages, yet it is done clearly and without a lot of theological vocabulary or citations so as to be easier to read.

We welcome you to spend just a few more brief moments to investigate our links and see if there’s a place for you here

May God grant you His peace; hope to see you soon.

Pastor Randy VanMehren